Thursday, 1 March 2012

Who is the most fabulous?

 We asked our readers who they thought was the most fabulous of Bollywood actresses Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor. The results are clear, there is a tie between Deepika and Anushka
Deepika Padukone
Model-turned-actress Deepika Padukone doesn't follow fashion trends and wears whatever she is comfortable in. 'I don't believe in following trends just for the heck of it. I believe in wearing something I think suits my personality and my body type. My style has evolved over the years. For me, it's about being stylish and at the same time being comfortable wearing my personality, that's what I always believe in
Deepika Padukone
Other Bollywood stars cannot help but admire the Bangalore beauty. 'Deepika, knows how to carry herself, super great body, super athletic, I love that look, and she is a wonderful actress,' actress Poorna Jagannathan told the media
Anushka Sharma
Anushka's introduction to Bollywood cinema was through a role that made her look simple and cute. But post Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, she has evolved into one of India's most stylish, whether she wear Indian or Western clothes. "I always thought I was very beautiful until filmmaker Aditya Chopra told me, 'Anushka, you're not blessed with the looks, you'd better act well'" revealed Anushka on an episode of Koffee With KaranAnushka Sharma
I went home and checked myself out in the mirror, then looked at a movie with Katrina Kaif in it, and thought: He is right!" We love beautiful women, and love them even more when they're disarmingly unassuming about their looks. Look sharp ladies, Anushka's found a new way to turn up the hotness
Sonam Kapoor
Strangely, actress Sonam Kapoor, who is now rapidly gaining the tag, India's fashion icon, did not fare well in our poll. While the Indian youth faces criticism for aping the west, Sonam says she finds nothing wrong with it as good values are "universal". "Values are usually universal...good values are universal. The west in not a devil coming to change our minds about certain things. Yes, we have amazing values in India which we should be very proud of. But I think it's fine to get influenced by the world because the world is getting smaller in a lot of ways," the actress said. Sonam, considered to be a style icon for the youths, feels India has a great future because of the young population in the countrySonam Kapoor
Sonam, however, is fearful of being called a fashion icon for the youth as she feels the tag comes with a lot of responsibilities. "It's only been four years since I have been in the industry, and if in such a short time someone calls you iconic, it is scary and overwhelming," the actress said at an event. We wonder why she was not voted as most fabulous