Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bollywood's Fit and Fabulous!

Bollywoods fit and fabulous
Yoga, weight training, dance...these women do it all! Join us as we take a closer look at the fitness secrets of Bollywood's finest
Bollywoods fit and fabulous
Bipasha Basu: Bipasha is all for taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Her super-toned body is the result of a balanced diet, cardiovascular exercises, weight training, treadmill, yoga and cycling. A long-time yoga believer, she is known to do 108 Suryanamaskars a dayBollywoods fit and fabulous
Hema Malini and Esha Deol: This mother and daughter duo are a twosome to be admired. Hema Malini keeps her enviable figure intact with dancing and yoga, while Esha enjoys cardio, weight training, yoga, dance and swimmingBollywoods fit and fabulous
Kareena Kapoor: Kareena credits her slender body and slim waist to yoga and weight training. Rumour has it she can do 1000 Kapalbhati a day, along with 50 Suryanamaskars. While we were never fans of the size zero look, we appreciate that Kareena has now managed to find the right balance between slender and healthyBollywoods fit and fabulous
Kangana Renaut: Like Kareena, Kangana’s lean figure is a result of disciplined yoga combined with weight training at the gym. She also stays off the junk food and cola, to maintain a healthy dietBollywoods fit and fabulous
Malaika Arora Khan: Malaika hits the gym 3 times a week, and varies her workout with aerobics, hip-hop and kickboxingBollywoods fit and fabulous
Neha Dhupia: Neha’s a sporty girl who embraces fitness as a way of life. She practices yoga, enjoys swimming, works out at the gym, and plays several other sports
Bollywoods fit and fabulous
Sameera Reddy: Sameers enjoys walking, a health regimen that is easy to maintain, and does wonders for your figure. She also does a bit of yoga, and keeps her liquid intake steadyBollywoods fit and fabulous
Shilpa Shetty: Envied for her gorgeous figure, Shilpa practices yoga and works out at the gym. She is also careful about her diet; she never snacks, chooses tea over aerated beverages, and makes sure she has her dinner a good 3 hours before bedtime. A believer in the miracles of water, she swears by the detoxifying powers of warm water
Bollywoods fit and fabulous
Sonam Kapoor: Our very own fashionista is a fitness makeover to draw inspire from! Shedding her chubby look, the now svelte Sonam maintains a healthy diet, drinks plenty of water and exercises regularly