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Nikita Willy is one of the young artists and she is became a role model by many people. Here I will provide information about the foto, biografi and profile of nikita willy. She comes fromMinang and was born in Jakarta, June 29, 1994, began to plunge in the entertainment world since the age of 7 through the Crescent Star serial movie. She often played as the role of a woman though she is young, even though it brought her several awards and one of them is the Panasonic Gobel Awards. Today she also try her talent as a singer and Nikita Willy single is "Ku tetap Menanti".

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Nikita Willy is Dancing
Great achievements by Nikita Willy again, this time she was elected as Campina icon to jazz dance competition and entitled Follow Me Funtastic Dance Concerto. Nikita admitted glad she could be appointed as ambassador for this event, especially she loves to dance. Nikita Willy also plans to include elements of dance in the next singles. This idea has been submitted by her producer to make a song with a little rhythm so she could sing while she does the dance. Inspired by Rihanna in every appearance doing dance movements make Niki wanted to be like her idol. But she must set spare time to re-learn the dance with a solid schedule.

Nikita Willy and Diego Michiels

Nikita Willy lately is into the media spotlight following the release of the photos along with U-23 national team player Diego Michiels. There are two photos showing intimacy between the two.

In the first photo, she appears wearing a black dress in a nightclub. While in the second photo, she wore a blue dress accompanied by Diego who was wearing a t-shirt, black collared.

Until now, not yet known what kind of relationship the two. Are they having an affair or only a friend. However, when met at the funeral home of the late Teddy Sudjadi, Management TM's boss, she did not want to talk about it. Her assistant also if she did not want to talk about it.

Previously, the media also met her with her boy friend Bara Tampubolon in the night club. In the photo, she looks very sexy with a low-necked dress. Both were caught on camera when visiting a nightclub.

Ku By Nikita Willy

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Addicted to sing

Won the award for Favorite Actress Panasonic Awards at the event in 2011 did not make Nikita Willy feel burdened. She actually felt a new spirit and that award makes her proud of herself.

Feel successful with her first single, 'Keep Me Waiting', a sitcom actress Nikita Willy admitted addiction to the world of singing. She is planning to release a new single. Feeling addicted, she wants embrace her dream in the music world by making the album. So far, she chose to add experience and knowledge, including get involved in a number of video clips of her friends

News about nikita willy

Nikita Willy Drop Out Sekolah
KABAR tak sedap menimpa Nikita Willy. Artis remaja berusia 17 tahun ini dikabarkan drop out dari sekolahnya di SMU 3 Setiabudi, Jakarta. Kabarnya, pihak sekolah terpaksa mengeluarkan Nikita, karena "putri yang ditukar" itu telalu sibuk ngartis sehingga ...
Kisah Cinta Kilat Atalarik dan Tsania Marwa
Keduanya sama-sama terlibat dalam sinetron yang juga dibintangi Nikita Willy. Kebersamaan mereka di lokasi syuting menimbulkan benih cinta. Setiap jeda syuting, keduanya terlibat perbincangan. Hal itu semakin membuat keduanya akrab dan dekat satu sama ...
Bantah DO, Nikita Willy Ikut Homeschooling
JAKARTA ? Artis Nikita Willy dikabarkan putus sekolah. Makanya, dia ikut homescholling. Rumor tersebut, ternyata ada yang diakui tapi ada yang dibantah. Sebab, menurut pesinetron dan penyanyi Nikita Willy tidak benar jika dikatakan tak melanjutkan ...
Nikita Willy Boyong Keluarga Besar ke Bali
JAKARTA - Nikita Willy (Niki) mengajak keluarga besarnya liburan ke Bali. Ini merupakan liburan pertama Niki bersama ke-29 keluarga besarnya. "Aku lagi packing bawa baju renang, celana tidur, baju formal buat acara di sana," kata Niki saat ditemui di ...