Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Metallica Wallpapers

Black desktop hd wallpaper with many photo's from the guys from Heavy Metal band Metallica

Dark background for pc with the name of the band Metallica and orange fire

Picture with the bandmembers of Metallica wearing sunglasses

Black white picture with James Hetfield from Metallica onstage with his guitar  and microphone
Green Metallica desktop hd wallpaper

Black background for computer with a photo of the band Metallica, legend since 1982

Desktop hd wallpaper of Metallica

Photo of James Hetfield of Metallica wearing a black t-shirt and his guitar

Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield from Metallica

Black white desktop wallpaper with water and the bandname Metallica

DEsktop background with James Hetfield from Metallica screaming on stage during a concert

Photo of the four men from Metallica wearing sunglasses under a blue sky

Black red Metallica desktop hd wallpaper

Gray Metallica background for pc

Green black wallpaper with Robert Trujillo, bassist since 2003 of Metallica

Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist of Metallica on this black purple wallpaper

Blue black wallpaper with Lars Ulrich of Metallica

Black orange background with James Hetfield of Metallica

Purple desktop hd wallpaper with pictures of the bandmembers of Metallica

Black white desktop hd wallpaper with Metallica and people with their hands in the air

Black white old picture of the heavy metal band Metallica from Los Angelos

Nice photo of the four members of Metallica

Black white and red background for your pc with the name Metallica

Crazy wallpaper with the members of Metallica, all with sunglasses and black leater jackets

Black desktop wallpaper with Metallica

Black white and purple Metallica background for pc

Black Metallica wallpaper - Master of puppets

Black white picture of the four guys of Metallica

Black desktop hd wallpaper of Metallica, with two monsters and fire