Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chairman of The BBC Trust - Chris Patten

BBC TRUST Chairman - Crish Patten

Name(s) : Christopher Francis Patten

(Honourable; The Lord Patten of Barnes ,Baron Patten of Barnes)
Gender : Male 
Date of Birth : 12th of May 1944
Place of Birth : CleveleysEngland, United Kingdom 
Political Party : Conservative Party, UK
Religion :Roman Catholicism
Former Posts : Member of Parliament - (1979-1992)
                   Minister of State for Overseas Development - (1986-1989)
                         Secretary of State for the Environment - (1989-1990)
                  Chairman of the Conservative Party - (1990-1992)
                  Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster -  (1990-1992)
                  Governor of Hong Kong - (1992-1997)
                  Chancellor of the University of Oxford -(2003)
                   European Commissioner for External Relations - (1999-2004)
                  Chancellor of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne - (1999-2009)
                  Chairman of BBC Trust - (Since 1st of May 2011)
Former British Politician-Chris Patten Still

British Broadcasting Corporation Trust - Chris Patten

BBC TRUST Charman - Chris Patten

Chris Patten - BBC Trust 

 28th and the last Governor of Hong Kong and BBC TRUST Chairman Chris Patten

 28th and the last Governor of Hong Kong - Chris Patten

Chris Patten and Charles